- Capture fashion trend development in the market and also determine the trend and style for Matahari
- Planning for merchandise from assortment plan, pricing and inventory management for all stores
- Managing private brand
- Strategic vendor alliance

- Marketing planning to support merchandising programs with deep analysis and the application of marketing concepts.
- Manage corporate brand and maintain brand architecture within it (private labels).


- Manage strategic logistic operation to distribute merchandise to all stores as needed in effective and efficient
- Manage logistic business by attracting and maintaining potential and existing clients.


Store Operation
- Manage store operation nationally
- Intensify business opportunity in MDS stores
- Develop and execute in-store programs to increase productivity of stores
- Manage and develop service to MDS customers by developing standard of services and ensure its implementation
- Manage maintenance programs for all stores in order to keep the store operation running
- Manage visual merchandising (VM) by develop plan and design VM standards for all stores


Merchandise Planning & Allocation
- Provide strategic planning for merchandise management
- Monitor, Manage and Control merchandise to store thru Inventory or Assortment Plan Strategy

Real Estate & Store Planning
- Finding new potential location for new stores
- Develop design and concept for new store (interior design and architecture)
- Manage new store or renovation projects as standard and budget
- Manage business relationship with developer and building management in every store in order to support store
   operational activities

Human Resources
- Manage Human Resources Management by initiating corporate culture, organization development,
   training and development, recruitment, compensation and benefit, industrial relationships and
   general affair support

Finance & Accounting
- Manage finance and accounting company according to finance and accounting concepts, and company strategy.
- Develop finance policy and procedure, and manage financial budget, financial risk, tax and financial report
- Provide analysis and recommendation from financial perspective to Management for every corporate action and
   strategic policy that need to be addressed

Risk Management
- Manage corporate risk by loss prevention management, integrated security management and development of
   procedure and policy regarding risk management

Matahari Rewards OVO
- Maintain and develop Customer relationship management by developing Matahari Rewards OVO product and services.
- Develop Matahari Rewards OVO services for members and to increase the number of Matahari Rewards OVO member.

Information Technology
- Provide information technology support for all function by developing integrated information system and
   infrastructure investment to support the company business

Procurement, System & Procedure
- Strategically managing procurement process (exclude merchandise) based on company needed
- Develop operational system and procedure for all function

Corporate Secretary & Legal
- Manage company’s legal aspect to ensure the company running according to the government law and provide legal
   consultation for every corporate action.
- Manage corporate communication with investor and government.
- Build and manage Corporate Social Responsibility to develop social welfare for the community

Internal Audit
- Ensure the compliance for every activities is according to the procedure and also ensure the Good Corporate
   Governance for every function in company.