Head Office

Head office is one of working environment where the management team, merchandising team, marketing team and others business support functions are operating. In this area the activities of strategic planning, buying and merchandising activities, policy development, new store planning, store design standards, IT systems, Human Resources Management, financial management, and other activities which are to support and developing all company’s operational activities.



From logistic working environment such as heavy equipment operation, trucking and conveyor belt, all the merchandise will be distributed to all stores in Indonesia. Demand alertness, speed, energetic and cooperation is the basis of this working area. Logistics team aims to provide merchandise delivery to all stores on schedule with strategic logistical planning and full implementation oversight.


Store Operation

Store Operation is the core operation of our company, which is in every Matahari stores all around Indonesia. At every store, we interact directly with customers, provide the best products and services for customer. With the standardized operation in all stores, such as management of goods, design visual and human resources excellence aims to provide an enjoyable shopping experience for our customers.