1000 Pairs of Shoes for Indonesia National Army Health Front Liners in East Indonesia

PT Matahari Department Store Tbk (“Matahari”) supports the Indonesian National Army (TNI) health front liners by giving 1,000 pair of sport shoes to these essential workers in East Indonesia on 15 September 2021 in TNI IX-Udayana Hospital as Military Region Health, Denpasar, Bali. Through this program, Matahari show care and support to the Indonesian National Army health front liners in Udayana Region to fight Covid-19.

The current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia is inseparable from the efforts and hard work of the health front liners, as they are face of this Covid-19 countermeasure. Indonesian National Army health front liners are the heroes of kindness who dedicate their lives to help Covid-19 patients. Therefore, Matahari hopes that these 1,000 pairs of  shoes will really be beneficial to support their mobility and will be used as their daily equipment in helping Covid-19 patients.

The 1,000 pair of sport shoes were symbolically handed over to the representative of the Military District Health IX/Colonel of the Military Health Corps Udayana, dr. I Made Mardika, SpPD, MARS in Head of Military District Health Office at Jl. PB sudirman No. 1 Dauh Puri, Denpasar Barat, Kota Denpasar, Bali on 15 September 2021. The shoes then will be distributed to the Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, part of Udayana Region, by Indonesian National Army transportation. 

“Matahari continues to take part in measures against the Covid-19 pandemic. We have collaborated with various parties to distribute support to Covid-19 patients, and on this occasion would like to support the healthcare front liners. Matahari really appreciates all heroes who are always ready to help Covid-19 patients”, said Terry O’Connor, CEO of Matahari.

“We are thankful to the parties who are helping us in distributing our support and care in this 1,000 pair of shoes program, especially to the Indonesian National Army’s transporters. We hope they will bring a little happiness and hope to all Indonesian National Army health front liners and that they will never walk alone and Matahari is there to support and appreciate all of their work hard”, Miranti Hadisusilo, Corporate Secretary and Legal Director of Matahari said.