“Ramadhan Belanja Ceria” with BAZNAS South Kalimantan at Matahari Duta Banjarmasin

Tangerang, 10th May 2021 - Matahari Department Store ("Matahari") was the chosen department store used by the South Kalimantan National Zakat Agency (BAZNAS) in the "Ramadhan Belanja Ceria" which was held on 7th May, 2021. This activity takes place at Matahari Duta Banjarmasin located at Duta Mall, A. Yani Street, Melayu, Banjarmasin City, South Kalimantan.

 The "Ramadhan Belanja Ceria" was attended by total of 150 orphans from the Sentosa Orphanage and other orphans children in Banjarmasin area. This activity is a routine activity held by BAZNAS as a manifestation of the distribution of Zakat, Infaq / Alms (ZIS) and Other Religious Social Funds (DSKL) in accordance with Law No. 23 Year 2011 and PP RI No. 14 Year 2014. Some of the donations collected at BAZNAS South Kalimantan this year are used for “Ramadhan Belanja Ceria” by providing IDR. 350,000.00 to each child involved to shop at Matahari Duta Banjarmasin.

 In line with Matahari's tagline Pay Less Feel Good, Matahari has prepared this Ramadan with the best collections at affordable prices, where the variety of Matahari products can be the first choice and be enjoyed by all customer. Matahari is committed to providing safe and feel good outlets for shopping hence Matahari continues to prioritize health protocols in the implementation of this “Ramadhan Belanja Ceria” by BAZNAS, South Kalimantan.

 Terry O’Connor, CEO Matahari said, “Matahari is happy to collaborate in this “Ramdhan Belanja Ceria”. In this moment of the Ramadan Month, we hope we can bring some happiness to the orphans."